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Remember when you were a kid and archaeology seemed exciting and adventurous? It is! I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who have told me they wanted to grow up to be archaeologists, and yet so few did.

Avalon Archaeology is a small, woman-owned company committed to  preserving the past for future generations while making it engaging and accessible to everyone. 

Avalon Archaeology will give your projects the passion and individualized attention they deserve, and no project is too small!

Click here to learn more about my project at The Dry, a former African American homesteading community.

I specialize in the historical archaeology and history of southeast Colorado, but I have worked in various cultural & geographical areas across Colorado, as well as in:

Northern & Central California, Washington State
and Northern England

Past Clients have included:
  • National Forests/Grasslands in Oklahoma, Utah, Kansas, and throughout Colorado
  • The Bureau of Land Management
  • The US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • The EPA
  • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Homeland Security
  • The Colorado State Historic Fund
  • The cities of Granada, Ken-Caryl Ranch, and Arvada, Colorado
  • And a variety of private clients

I'd love for this list of clients to include YOU as well!

For more information please contact Michelle Slaughter

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